sexually satisfied -thats how we do


I keep hearing all these stories about women in these relationships were the sex for them is just "going through the motions" WHAT THE HELL!  This is disturbing to me.  I could not imagine being with someone who I had no sexual chemistry with at all.  Someone whom I didnt feel comfortable enough with to explore any number of sexual fantasies and techniques.  There is nothing that I can think of that is more fulfilling and satisfying that letting go of all  inhabitions and laying totally nude, legs wide open while my man caresses my body with his hands first exploring all of me and then his mouth, tongue, fingers pleasuring my lady while I spread my legs further inviting more.......
What I am trying to kinda get at... if you can't tell is to be with a partner that cannot or is not interested in making you feel that good at the least once or twice a week or, in my case every night if I have it my way.  Is not a man you will be satisfied long term with.  Everyone talks so much about pleasing your man sexually, orally.  There are blogs and advice from men all over telling us women EXACTLY what their turn ons are.  Step by step instructions on how to help them reach their ultimate Orgasm.  And I agree.  Agree that it works both ways.  If some of us women ever want to feel that OMG unbelievably powerful, wet, hot, sexy, burying his face into your hunny hole , feeling him spread you open uncovering that erect nob that he softly but greedily tongues and sucks and nibbles on while his finger has found its was down further and buried now deep in you with one thrust.  Ok that was just a little sample of the way I like things done.  Women!  talk to your men, record them a message detailing what you want done and how, write them a map, scream it from the roof top.  If you are taking notes and learning everything that he desires sexually and at some point mastered it so he is now getting SICK HOT blow jobs almost daily, he rarely has to ask you for one, you are eager to please him, it makes you happy and content to see the look of lust and wanting, desire and untimately total fulfillment all over his face.  NOW, its time to put that look on your face.  Let go of ALL your inhabitions.  Let your mind go and you will be amazed at the thick layer of lust and desire covering you, OR at the fettishes you may discover you have a taste for.  Open your mind. And get yours!!  Thats the way it is in my house and there is never tension in my house.