Did A John Edwards Aide Tape Him Cheating?

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Edwards accuses former employee of secretly making an Edwards-Hunter sex tape.

Since apparently not enough people think John Edwards is an irredeemable sleaze, he's now attacking former aide Andrew Young for allegedly surreptitiously videotaping Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, knocking boots. The supposed sex tape was filmed in 2007, while Hunter was pregnant with a baby that looks a whole lot like John Edwards, the National Enquirer reports.

Andrew Young is currently writing a tell-all book about the twice-failed presidential candidate and former senator from North Carolina. Young, who was a lifelong friend of Edwards, welcomed Hunter into the home he shared with his wife and three children while she was pregnant, and even claimed he was the father of Hunter's daughter, Frances—all for a price that Edwards willingly paid, according to Young and the Enquirer, until his wife, Elizabeth, found out. At that point, Young was cut off and says he has not spoken with Edwards since the affair was revealed last fall. But Edwards is still singing the refrain of "Billie Jean" about Hunter's kid. Poll: Should You Give A Cheater A Second Chance?

According to the Enquirer, Edwards and Hunter believe the sex tape was filmed in Young's guest room, where Hunter was living, and they don't believe his claim that he "discovered" the tape while unpacking after a move to California. "John and Rielle think Andrew concocted the story that he 'found' the tape. They think he may have been the one responsible for recording it," a source said.

St. Martin's Press bought Young's book proposal last month for an undisclosed amount of money, so it'll join the proud tradition of Monica's Story, about the scandal that broke the '90s; the tastelessly titled Princess in Love, about Princess Diana's affair with James Hewitt; and Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, Amber Frey's movie-of-the-week script. All we can say is, please, someone, burn that freaking tape. And also, everyone involved in this sordid mess is revolting. Shame on all of you. (Not you, Elizabeth Edwards. We like you.)

Via the National Enquirer. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.