Kate Gosselin "Kicked Out" Of Home

Kate Gosselin on moped

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom heads straight to A-List event.

They say, "You can never go home again." A saying truer for none more than Jon & Kate of the + 8 Gosselin brood—at least for the alternate five and two days of the week, respectively, that the couple has each agreed to vacate their Wernersville, Penn., premises.

Apparently a 6,200 sq. foot house (plus four crooked ones) isn't big enough for the both of them. Except on holidays, of course. Holiday Sparks Between Jon & Kate?

As Life & Style reports, Kate leaves every weekend so that soon-to-be ex-husband Jon can spend time with the kids. An arrangement that has, as the glossy put it, "forced [her] to do what any mother would dread: leave her own home—without her children." 15 Common Divorce Mistakes

But is this really the case? It's hard to imagine her routinely packing up eight separate miniature suitcases as she jet sets across America. On the docket next? E! Online reveals that Kate will be joining A-List celebs Katie Couric, Kelly Preston, Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards and Madeline Albright in Sacramento, California, for Maria Shriver's invitational-only Annual Women's Conference.

Your guess as good as ours as to if this visitation arrangement was dictated by Jon—who (despite holiday rumors of renewed chemistry between the pair) reportedly has issues being in the same room with her—or if it was a decision mutually agreed upon by them both.

Regardless, with both parents constantly shuffling in and out of the home, not to mention their children's lives, it's going to be spectacularly sad when the season picks up again this August as viewers tune in to see just how far a divorce can transform a home.Divorce and Children

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin.