Michael Jackson Was A Gay Crossdresser?

michael jackson gay crossdress las vegas construction worker

Just when you thought there was nothing more to uncover about Michael Jackson's life—especially his love life—a shocking report about a new MJ tell-all claims that he was a gay cross-dresser with a secret lover who worked in construction.

According to New York Daily News, in his new Michael Jackson biography Unmasked, In Touch Weekly celebrity biographer Ian Halperin reportedly reveals that Michael was gay. He apparently masqueraded as a woman for his lovers, and once picked up a construction worker in Las Vegas for a sexy rendezvous. Halperin's book says that Michael required the construction worker to sign a confidentiality agreement before they could get it on. (Maybe he should have asked him to sign a better one.)

According to the Daily News, the book also smears out the infamous child molestation rumors about Jacko, saying that his nervous insurance company required him to pay millions to the alleged victim's family. Michael was no pedophile, the book claims, and was most likely blackmailed for his cash.

The book, which Halperin began writing last December when he had a premonition that the King of Pop only had six months to live, will hit shelves on July 14. The publishing industry is calling the book a "sympathetic portrait," and Publisher's Weekly has reported that the first print will be a super-aggressive 500,000 copies.

In the wake of Michael Jackson's death, we just can't get enough of him. Do we believe everything we read? Maybe not everything—but we'll definitely keep you posted with more details.

Photo courtesy Bauer Griffin.

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