Morgan Freeman To Marry Step-Granddaughter?

Morgan Freeman
Love, Heartbreak

After a decade-long affair, Morgan plans to marry his step-granddaughter.

"Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her," a source told the National Enquirer.

Earlier this year the National Enquirer reported that the that 72-year-old was having an affair with E’Dena, who at 27 is more than 40 years younger than her step-grandfather. The relationship has supposedly been going on for a decade, so if you do the math, that means E'Dena was not even legal when the whole family love debacle began.Read: Morgan Freeman Having Affair With Granddaughter

E'Dena is the granddaughter of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, Morgan’s first wife and was brought up by Morgan and Myrna, his second wife.

Some speculate that Morgan’s romance with E'Dena caused the divorce between him and Myrna and that Myrna even wanted to sue E'Dena for being a "correspondent, as an adulterer, in my marriage."Read: Infidelity: Are Lawsuits The Best Revenge?

But Morgan was apparently romancing others besides E'Dena and Myrna, with whom he had an open marriage. Morgan was involved with schoolteacher Mary Joyce Hays throughout the affair.Read: Portrait Of An Open Marriage

So there you have it: incest (not technically, but close enough), statutory rape, adultery and a wedding all in one story. We hope the people at National Enquirer made up the story out of boredom, but we question whether even they could be quite so twisted.