Cops: McNair's 'Irrational' Mistress Staged Murder

steve mcnair murder mistress

McNair's girlfriend staged murder and shot him over DUI, money and second affair, say cops.

Disturbing new details have surfaced in last week's shocker murder of Tennessee Titan quarterback Steve McNair. Police have determined that McNair's 20-year-old mistress Sahel Kazemi shot him in his sleep. Their reports also state that ever since they'd met six months prior, she'd been carrying on like a party girl, acting "irrational" and living a life that was "spinning out of control."

According to Yahoo! Sports, the cops have drawn these conclusions based on extensive interviews with Sahel's friends. They revealed she was strapped with bills and paying on two cars (one a phat new Cadillac Escalade that Steve bought her in May), and that her rent was about to double. She also suspected that Steve was having an affair with a second mistress, whom Sahel followed home one night but never confronted.

Steve had reportedly been promising Sahel that he was leaving his wife of 12 years to marry her. She started preparing to sell her furniture and move in with him. When their plans weren't panning out, she apparently went berserk. Marrying Mr. Wrong

Police also revealed that a fight over her getting picked up for DUI may have triggered the murder-suicide. Cops had stopped her and Steve two nights before the crime took place. When they saw her bloodshot eyes and smelled alcohol on her breath, they arrested her for driving under the influence. The YouTube video of her arrest shows Sahel laughing and joking with the officers and telling them she was stoned. Cops reported Steve was "not happy" and took off in a cab not speaking to her, as Sahel repeatedly asked the cops to have him come back and talk to her. After Steve left the scene, he called Sahel and told her "Do not let [the cop] know anything."

"I know, baby, you're on the speakerphone," she replied.

Later that night Steve posted her bail.

According to USA Today, investigators have ruled out the possibility that anyone besides Sahel could have fired the shots that killed them both. After they found a 9 mm pistol near the bodies, they concluded that the gun was one Sahel had recently purchased and that she had staged the two deaths to make it appear as though she had fallen over in Steve's lap.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison.