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Top 4 Perks Of Having A Boyfriend

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It's easy to forget why it's so great to be in a committed relationship with someone. Recently we were reminded just what it is about having a boyfriend that can be so much darn fun.

1.No making-plans hassle. Say good-bye to laboring over where you are going to go and what you are going to do and how much it's going to cost. The top benefit of having a boyfriend is that you're just as content staying in watching movies or cooking dinner, just doing something, anything together.

2.Instant affection all the time. All the time, you don't have to wonder who your next big bear hug is coming from and when. This is a mega-perk when your guy is of the affectionate hand-holding nature.Dating Advice From Tila Tequila (It's Good!)

3.Sweet nothing morning, mid-day and good-night calls and texts. We love getting those silly little texts and calls with the most simple and sweet of questions such as, "how was your day?". What we adore even more? Texts and calls with appreciative messages such as, "Had an amazing time with you last night," or "Miss you already." Mega-points for boyfriends there.

4. Date Night. Taking turns making creative and fun plans to which you can really look forward. Even better? Couples dates with your friends and his friends where everyone can get to know each other and make some memories together. Hm, let's think about this. We also like adventure dates, rainy-day dates, getaway dates...There's nothing like dating a man you really enjoy spending time with.

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