Around The World: No Business Like Ho Business

red light district

Amsterdam prostitutes deserve credit. And Oklahoma City woman's interesting potato chip barter.

While porn and prostitution, in and of themselves, are only tangentially related to YourTango's mandate to improve love lives and relationships, they do play some role in sex and sexuality. With my A sufficiently C-ed, here's the latest on people who have sex for money:

Per Reuters, Amsterdam-area prostitutes have credit problems. No, they haven't been lending too much credit to clients (I'd imagine that, like Biggie Smalls' 10 Crack Commandments, sex workers have a similar stance on credit—i.e. you don't want to get high on your own supply). While business (the old in-and-out) has been fine and dandy, legal (and oft unionized) Dutch prostitutes have had a difficult time getting loans (and even accounts) from conventional financial institutions. Read: Virginity, Prostitution & The Long Arm Of The Law

Amsterdam is trying to revitalize the neighborhood in which the Red Light District is located, but that's difficult if brothels can't get loans, so the city is cranking up Project 1012. The Project aims to figure out what it takes to get mainstream businesses to recognize flesh peddling as a legitimate vocation and to treat the proprietors of brothels as entrepreneurs. Egalitarian goals, as everyone knows it's hard out there for a pimp (and even harder for a pro). 

A little closer to home, according to, a woman was charged with bartering sex acts for stuff in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, this was not the woman's first arrest and she could face a fine of $1,142. She exchanged her services for a case of potato chips. The Frito-Lays brand snacks were valued at roughly $30. The married so-called "john" got off with a stiff warning*. As Chester Cheat-ah might say, it ain't easy being sleazy.

*Note: I'm kidding, the cops felt bad that he had marital troubles and basically told him not to do it again or just be more discreet.