MJ's Secret Lover Revealed

michael jackson grace rwaramba secret lover

Michael Jackson's nanny was the secret woman in his life, according to a new insider report.

Last week Michael Jackson's chief UK bodyguard gave an exclusive interview on European television stating that Michael had a longtime female companion who was kept a secret for years. When the interviewer asked whether the woman had a relationship with Michael's children, the bodyguard would only reveal that yes, he believed she was close with them. Michael Jackson's Secret Lover

Indeed they were close—like, diaper-changing close. MJ's relationship was actually with the children's nanny, according to a new AOL UK report involving Michael's personal photographer Ian Barkley. In 1999 Grace Rwaramba stepped in to care for Prince, now 12, and Paris, now 11, following Michael's very public divorce from their biological mother Debbie Rowe. It's reported that Michael fell in love with Grace right away, and according to another bodyguard who has just stepped forward, the relationship between the two of them was more like husband and wife than employer-employee. "Grace loved Michael and he loved her," Barkley said. He went on to report that she traveled extensively with the family, and the children even called her Mom. Want To Keep Your Job? Work it!

For the Jackson establishment, it was important to keep the affair super-private. "The romance was well-known among staff but it was made very clear to them that this was not something that should become part of the public domain," the anonymous security guard said. Barkley agreed, calling the relationship "an open secret" only among Jackson insiders.

Grace is a 42-year-old Uganda native who worked as a secretary before taking on the nanny gig for Prince, Paris, and then Blanket, who was born in 2002. Reports have stated that since Michael's death two weeks ago Grace has been in Beverly Hills sharing caretaking duty with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, and she's said to have been present with the Jacksons at yesterday's memorial service. Michael Jackson's Daughter's Controversial Speech