Is Twating (Twitter Dating) The Next Big Thing?


With a name like that, we hope not.

A woman named Laura thinks she's come up with the next big thing: finding dates with the help of Twitter. She calls it "Twating" (a mash-up of the words Twitter and dating) and she's using her friend Katie as the initial test subject for her experiment (which, thus far, has involved giving Katie the username "datekate," logging onto Twitter as her, and then tweeting about how much she would like to be taken out on a date).

For some reason, Laura's managed to get a lot of attention from the press for this (suckers that we are, we are among them). We say, "for some reason" because, well, is this really a new thing?

From the get-go, countless singles (and non-singles, for that matter) have used Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist, and Friendster (for you old schoolers) as free dating services — either deliberately ("I'm single and looking") or inadvertantly ("Thanks for writing, I don't know who you are, but I like your tattoos"). Facebook Decides To Control Your Love Life

Twitter, soon after launching, quickly followed in the romantic footsteps of all the other big social networking sites, and before you know it, we felt an obligation to our web-savvy readers to publish articles with Twitter pick-up lines and create instructional videos on how to flirt via Twitter. Twitter Flirting Rules

In other words: Laura's hot new trend, as far as we know, existed long before she came up with the strangely dirty-sounding term "Twating."

We're not trying to diss on Laura. We admire her ingenuity in marketing herself and her persistence in trying to get her friend Katie hooked up. We should all be so lucky to have friends like Laura. Friends, Money and Sex. Oh My!

At the same time, however, we can't but wonder: why is it that Katie still hasn't gotten a date out of all this? Does she actually know how to Twate? Maybe she should check out one of our articles. We could teach her.