Prospect Park West: A New Sex And The City?


A possible new T.V. show, Prospect Park West, is being touted as baby-happy Sex and the City.

Listen up Brooklynites—your borough is one step closer to becoming another Sarah Jessica Parker-approved pop cultural cliche. I know you're thrilled! Pleased as punch. (Try to contain your excitement.) Sex And The City Creators At Odds Over New, Similar Follow-Up Shows

Amy Sohn—dating columnist for New York magazine—has penned a book, Prospect Park West, that follows the lives of (are you sitting down?) four women living in Brooklyn's Prospect Park brownstone area. Except instead of being gay men in fancy heels, these ladies are all married with babies—doing the whole housewife thing. We know, it just gets better and better. Married People Have Greener Grass

Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly optioned this book and hopes to turn it into a television show. The four women are predictably complicated in an urban, hackneyed way.

There's "Lizzie" the sometime lesbian mommy (eye roll). "Rebecca," with the philandering husband (yawn), "Karen" is some sort of social ladder climber (snooze-button), and saving the best for last, is "Melora" who's neurotic with "psychiatric maladies" (could be interesting....).

Numerous reports have claimed it's "a mix of sex, parenthood and celebrity."

Translation: designer baby carriages, impossibly toned post-baby bodies and cameos by thirty-something C-listers who need the work. Sounds riveting.