Facebook Decides To Control Your Love Life

Facebook Decides To Control Your Love Life
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How Facebook is connecting you with your ex.

Technology has given us the ability to connect with just about anyone at anytime, instantly. Though this is often a beautiful thing, sometimes the all-powerful forces of technology make it a little too easy to reconnect with people you would much rather forget.Read: 20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts

MSNBC reports that Facebook is keeping some people from moving on after a breakup, even if both parties follow Facebook protocol and "de-friend" each other post relationship.  Watch: Facebook Manners And You

How so? Facebook has added a feature where they suggest friends users may want to add. Unfortunately, these suggested friends mainly consist of people you have never heard of, vague acquaintances, enemies, and of course, the Ex.

Several users report that they have innocently signed into their account only to be greeted with their almost forgotten about ex-boyfriend's picture. Who just happens to be kissing an Angelina Jolie look-a-like, or else is smiling joyfully while holding his new baby girl. Meanwhile, your Facebook picture is of you and your parents at your family reunion. Hey, you looked really good in that pic.

Some of Facebook's more paranoid users take this suggestion from Facebook as a sign that they are "meant to be" with their ex. It's the universe's subtle way of telling them to give their cheating ex another chance.Read: 7 Mistakes That Prolong The Misery Of A Breakup

Neverthless, Facebook has a much more scientific way of figuring out suggested friends. It's based off of similar email contacts. And if you truly want to never see your ex's smiling face again? Simply "x" them off of the suggested friend list.

"To be clear, there are a few ways to make sure people you don't want to appear in your friend suggestions don't show up again," said Brandon McCormick, Facebook spokesperson. "Click the 'X' next to the icon, and it will stop them from reappearing in friend suggestions. You can also opt out of the contact importer entirely in the Privacy Center. It's pretty easy."

Just another way Facebook is taking over the universe.

But we recommend you have a Facebook profile picture where you look ravishing at all times, just in case. After all, you never know when you might virtually reappear in your ex's life.