Miley: Single And Loving It? Kind Of?

Buzz, Heartbreak

Teen takes to Twitter to demand perfect boyfriend, trail mix.

Fresh off her breakup with Justin Gaston, it appears Miley Cyrus hasn't been spending all her time splitting milkshakes with Nick Jonas. According to her manic Twitter, Miley is lonely, hungry, and boy-crazy. Translation: She's 16 years old, y'all.

Miley's in Savannah right now, shooting the movie version of Nicholas Sparks's novel The Last Song (that's where the footage of her making out in the ocean with that strapping Australian lad came from), and not, as we'd hoped, in a suite at the Chateau Marmont with Nick. PLAYING MONOPOLY, of course. On Sunday she announced her singleness by Twittering, "I am lovinggg being single :) life is so carefree!!! Spending the day enjoying Sonic, Music, @mommytish, and the beautiful sun in Savannah."

And then she did the Single Ladies dance. Not really. But aside from the fact that her mom has a Twitter, which we think is weird, the rest of Miley's hot-pink feed reinforces the impression that she's a fairly normal teenager, getting over a breakup the only way most of us know how: junk food. "I have never eaten so much trail mix in my entire life!!! Ahhh save me from the trail mix demons!" she said yesterday. Watch: The Healthy Way To Get Over A Breakup

So that's two rebounds disproved, Steve Rushton and Nick Jonas (although we think Miley was referring to Rushton when she said "Doing school with Steve! He's rockin' some sweet ray bans! @frankanderol Everybodys got Ray Bans!!!" today), and now Miley has put forth the formula for her dream man: "Dear GOD, I would like a boy that is like John Mayer/ James Morrison/ Elvis/ Rob Thomas all in one. YOU'RE THE BEST! Love always, Miley."

Well, that sounds … sweaty. Good luck with that, Miles.

Via Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.