Steve McNair's Wife "Blindsided" By Affair

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Steve McNair reportedly promised mistress he would marry her.

Talk about a mixed bag of emotions. First, you find out that your husband has been shot to death. Then you discover that his infidelity and lies were the cause of the whole tragedy. Rage against him, grieve for him or can you do both?

Unfortunately for Mechelle McNair, wife of slain quarterback Steve McNair, this difficult scenario is a reality. McNair, formerly of the Tennessee Titans, was found in a Nashville condominium on July 4, dead from four bullet wounds—including two to his head. Nearby lay his 20-year-old mistress, Sahel Kazemi, also dead from a single bullet fired from the same semiautomatic. The gun was found on the floor under her body and according to latest police investigations, it was purchased by Kazemi only two days before

Sources reveal that McNair's affair was all news to Mechelle, who lived a mere six miles away from the condo. As more grisly details about the deaths emerged, so did the evidence of a months-long liason between the 36-year-old athlete and the waitress of a local Dave and Buster's.

"[Mechelle's] blindsided by this," one source said, "She's crushed. Her whole world is shattered."Read: Losing My Husband, Then Learning Of His Infidelity

A father of four children (two are from Mechelle), McNair managed to keep his wife of twelve years completely in the dark about the affair. With Kazemi, however, the football star was purportedly promising to divorce his wife and marry her instead.

"She said they were planning to get married," said Kazemi's sister Soheyla Kazemi to New York Daily News. Kazemi apparently had gone ahead and introduced McNair to the rest of her family.

As it turns out, a divorce was not pending—at least not in Nashville. The only signs of marital problems was that the McNair family home had recently gone up for sale for $3 million. Read: Mistress Fined Over Lover's Failed Marriage

A murder-suicide ruling has yet to be called on the case, but in the court of public opinion the mounting evidence seems staggering.

Scoop courtesy of NY Daily News. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison.