Comment of the Day 07/07


Some friends of mine are struggling with infertility. The process is frustrating and heartbreaking and a strain on the relationship. All of this and it's not even a problem I am facing personally.  Having children is such a fundamental part of life that we often take it for granted. When a couple faces infertility, the struggle often brings to the surface all of the frustrations and fears and worries that are already dormant in the relationship. In response to this essay, Qverb remarks:

I honestly don't know how I'd react to the thought of using another man's seed to impregnate my wife. It took me a couple read throughs of Tom's thought that not everyone needs to be a parent to fully get where his initial reaction was leading. First thought was that he was thinking he wouldn't feel like a parent to a child with someone else's genes. Malarky, of course. The biological parents of any child are never guaranteed to be the best parents for the child. There is no reason for him to think he wouldn't be this child's actual Dad in all the ways that really counted. After a couple read throughs I finally got his line of thought (its early and the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet). I only hope that I can be brave enough to work past my own irrational fears and concerns over something like this. Tom is a brave man.

It's a topic that effects all of us. Thanks, Q!