Steve McNair And 4 Other Tales Of Scorned Love

woman scorned, gun-toting mistress
Heartbreak, Sex

A gun-toting mistress and knife-wielding wife are enough to make us want to stay single forever.

We had just finished our second helping of July 4th coleslaw when we learned that Steve McNair, the 36-year-old former Tennessee Titans quarterback, was found dead in his Nashville home. Ruled right away as a homicide, McNair was killed by four bullet wounds including two to the head. It was a grisly tabletop discussion, no doubt, especially since experts think the gun-toting killer was none other than McNair's 20-year-old mistress. Police won't confirm for sure, but it's looking like the pert, pretty woman he'd toted around on vacations and successfully hid from his wife pulled the trigger before turning the gun on herself. Breakups on Ice

Hell hath no fury than that of a woman scorned, indeed. Which got us thinking, what are some other beastly acts that can be traced to a soured romance? It was scary how easy it was to come up with a quick few.

1.) John and Lorena Bobbitt: Who can forget this tale of a quarreling drunk couple, a carving knife and sausage-shaped object thrown carelessly into a field? Made from the stuff Stephen King only wishes he'd penned first, Lorena Bobbitt very famously grabbed a carving knife, chopped off half her husband's penis, hopped in a car and threw his manhood in a field right around their Manassas, Virginia home. The police valiantly searched for a severed penis, found it and reunited John with his wang during a nine and a half hour operation. Of course, Lorena claimed John abused her and, of course, he denied it. She was later found not guilty because the jury thought she was crazy. Sounds about right. Robert Pattinson Fed Up With American Women

2.) O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown: The sad story of O.J. Simpson and ex-wife Nicole Brown is another epic legend that errs on the side of crazier than fiction. As we all know, Nicole and lover/friend (?) Ronald Goldman were found dead outside Nicole's home on June 21, 1994. As we all know, Nicole's ex-husband O.J. Simpson was eventually pegged as prime suspect and as we all know, Simpson got off. O.J. and Nicole had a tumultuous marriage. Before divorcing, O.J. pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge.

3.) Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes and Andre Rison: The late TLC band member was convicted of setting her boyfriend's house on fire in 1994. Lopes claimed she just wanted to "barbecue" his shoe collection as a revenge for his infidelity, but inadvertently ended up turning his entire mansion into open flame. She was sentenced to five years probation and therapy at a halfway house.

4.) Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman: Although wonderful to look at—who doesn't enjoy two colorful cartoon character extremes, he's a giant, she's pint-sized, etc.—Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman's marriage lasted less than a year. Good thing too, because in 1999, Carmen and Dennis were arrested in Miami Beach on charges of domestic violence. According to Electra, Dennis was jealous of an ex-boyfriend and according to Rodman, Electra punched him. Who knows?