Love Bytes: Losing Your Religion For Love

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Plus, how to forgive accidents and appreciating the chubby men of the world.

Love Bytes: Five must-click  sex, love and relationship links.

Would you convert to a different religion for love? [Shine]

Like your men with some meat on their bones? Chubby chasers, say hello to this site. [Lemondrop]

Resist the urge to blame others for their mishaps, read "How to Forgive Accidents." [Huffington Post]

In each situation, I could feel the accident-causer bracing against my possible annoyance, and it was very, very hard to resist the temptation to say things like, 'You should've been more careful!' 'Now we're going to have all this hassle to fix this!' 'How could you have not noticed that you didn't know where it was?' etc. But I realized - what was the point?

Fiber in your diet improves your sex life, as well as other functions south of the border. [EmandLo]

Video gaming meets burlesque dancing—another guy fantasy comes true. [The Frisky]