Debbie Rowe To Attend Michael's Memorial

debbie rowe attend memorial service
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Debbie Rowe has VIP seat at ex-husband Michael Jackson's public memorial.

According to Access Hollywood, sources have confirmed that Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife and mother of his two eldest children, will attend tomorrow's public memorial service for Michael.

MJ's former business associate Marc Schaffel announced last night that Debbie will sit in the VIP section of the stadium for the service, along with Michael's family and close friends. When a reporter asked him whether Debbie has contacted the family since Michael's death on June 25, he said Debbie had attempted to reach the family but hadn't yet made contact. Can You Stay Friends With An Exes' Mom?

She may rock VIP alongside Michael's loved ones, but Debbie's lawyers still are giving no indication of whether she plans to seek custody of the two children she had to Michael when they were married until the late 1990s (son Prince is 12 and daughter Paris is 11). She gave Michael full custody of the kids after both their births and then filed a suit for partial custody after he was accused of child molestation. Reports suggest she has a minimal relationship with the children and that they want to stay with their grandma, Michael's 79-year-old mother Katherine Jackson. Katherine is serving as the children's temporary guardian at least until July 13 when an official hearing is held. Michael Jackson's Will: Mom Katherine Gets Kids

The Jacksons have stated that they plan to hold a "private family function" for Michael's funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetary in Hollywood Hills. They have not disclosed when it will take place.

Over 1.6 million people attempted to get tickets to tomorrow's ceremony, and a lottery was held for 17,500 fans to attend.

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