Coping With Divorce

woman sad

One woman shares her story of moving on and starting over again.

After the divorce papers are signed and the dividing up of items is complete, the break up is over. But the starting up of an entirely new life is just beginning. And not one thing is typically the same. Vicki Iovine, author of the Girlfriends' Guides book series writes with searing reality in the Huffington Post what life is like now that her marriage of 24 years is officially kaput.

She and her children have settled into a new place and Iovine admits that while she willingly wanted the divorce, the landing was anything but smooth. For Iovine, everything from the name and number on her credit cards, to the color of her bedroom and shape of her desk is different, new, and will take some time getting used to.Divorce 101

After Iovine details that it took her five times moving around to find a fitting new "reading spot" in her new place, we see how starting over involves redefining everything in one's life, from the simplest things to the most complex. In sharing her story, Iovine gives us a peek into what starting life over after 24 years of routine is really like. Part new and fresh divorce is also parts scary, unsure and unknown.

Iovine is in the initial stage of life after divorce, the rebuilding, which may be the toughest. In time, new surroundings will become familiar and all the pieces may fall comfortably into place again.

Readers, what was it like when you or a friend were newly divorced? Do you have tips on starting over?