Top 10 Celeb Love Explosions In '09 (So Far)

top 10 celebrity love explosions 2009

Who needs fireworks with celeb rendezvous this hot?

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Who needs fireworks with celeb rendezvous this hot?
The most explosive celebrity love news of 2009 so far.

There are 180 days left in 2009, and as such the Fourth of July is the perfect day to celebrate the most shocking Celebrity Love reports of the year to date (or in some cases, not to date). Click on the links to get the full story on these firecracker romantic twists, many of which have occurred in the last couple weeks. They're not duds, no, no. In fact, they set the celeb world ablaze.

Michelle Obama Baby Buzz Everyone's favorite First Lady Obama wowed us with her Inauguration Day style in January...and then almost gave us a heart attack when we heard she was preggers by Valentine's Day. (Hey Mr. President: there's celebrating, and then there's doing the nasty on a seamless.) Observers wondered whether her notorious Inaug wardrobe left a little room for a bump, but alas, we were hallucinating. For now Malia and Sasha are the only tykes running the White House.

Britney and Justin's Two-Time Run-Ins Is it weird that there's still a little piece of us that hopes these two will get back together? First they both performed at a Madonna concert last November (reports said there was no interfacing backstage), then earlier this year they crossed paths at a West Hollywood eatery, where Jessica Biel accompanied Justin and Britney reportedly, well, didn't look so hot. We heard last week that she's engaged to her manager, but hey, there's always August through December to keep our fingers crossed.

Jennifer's Oscar Feat In Front Of Brangelina Whew. We were all watching and not breathing. But even with ex-husband Brad Pitt and femme fatale he-left-you-for-me Angelina Jolie looking on, Jennifer Aniston delivered a typically lovable, lovely and impossibly composed speech to present the award for best animated film at the Oscars. We weren't surprised to hear that Jen and Angelina exchanged a secret smile—pure class. You know we're fans, Jen. Go girl.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunite Really? When the photos of Rihanna's post-tiff injuries surfaced, we were certain things were over between the 21-year-old pop star from Barbados and her 20-year-old R&B singer boy. He's just been issued probation and community service for the crime, but she has said she still wants to be friends. Love may be blind, but we still gotta wonder: Rihanna, why?

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Split These two are more on-and-off than Kevin Jonas' purity ring (sorry, I had to), but early this year it sounds like Sam finally put her foot down. She reportedly said she's sick of Lindsay's drama and jealousy, and we even heard that her family was seeking a restraining order. Yikes. Maybe that was the grand finale for their tumultuous love affair...or, maybe not.

Susan Boyle's Porn Contract With over 70 million views to date, the Scottish Britain's Got Talent wonder silenced the whole wide world with her voice—and her confession that age 47, she'd never been kissed. Hollywood to the rescue! The following week she received an offer to star in a porno, which, like a good Christian girl, she refused. Hunky BGT judge Piers Morgan invited Susan out on a date in London and offered to give Susan her first kiss. 

Diddy's Tantric Twitter We know about that sacred-love stuff, but do we really need to know who's doing it? (That was rhetorical.) Diddy tweeted earlier this year that he was "Having Tantric Sex!!! I feel so much better!!! Thank you [sic]" But he never really said whom he was doing it with...which leads us to wonder, if Tantra unites two minds, bodies and souls, can one go Tantric...on himself?

Melissa Rycroft Engaged It became known as the breakup heard 'round the world (okay, in America and parts of Canada) when The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick dumped fiancee Melissa Rycroft in front of the cameras. (Who does that?) But, as they say in Tinseltown, she who laughs last laughs best. While we've not seen hyde nor hair of Jason since the split, Melissa has become an American staple with her Dancing With The Stars fame and new Good Morning America gig...oh yeah, and the man she's going to marry. Tye Strickland was an old flame who realized how awesome Melissa is that he put a ring on it...hopefully this time, to stay.

Michael Jackson's Secret Lover With all the stories breaking around MJ's death last week, this one might be the wackiest. Thanks to the European interview featuring his bodyguard, we're all for the King of Pop having a significant other—if anyone needed a confidante it was him—but seriously, how did we never know? And now we're just dying: was it Debbie Rowe? Diana Ross? Minnie Mouse? Don't worry: stick with us for the developments. 

Farrah And Ryan Unable To Marry This one takes the cake for the saddest. Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal were partners since the '70s, and he stated that he asked her multiple times to marry him over the years and each time she refused. She finally accepted on her death bed, but she passed on before they ever got to exchange vows. Their romance was an inspiring tale of love's resilience, and we'll continue to remember Farrah's fiery spirit.