For Love Of Country, Please Shag Your Partner

political couple
Love, Sex

If more political couples were getting it on regularly, would the country be a better place?

This July 4th, perhaps the focus for Mr. and Mrs. Politician should be more on the fireworks happening between their sheets (or lack thereof) rather than the one’s overlooking the Washington Monument.

That’s right, this holiday, if you love your country then please shag your partner.

We know it’s hard. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Between fundraisers and photo ops and everything else that’s happened since you two tied the knot, the spark has surely fizzled.

But enough with the excuses! Ladies and Gentlemen of the State, husbands and wives to the politicos, please go get your groove on.

Would Bill have turned to Monica if Hillary had been more available? Eliot to Ashley Dupre if Silda had been more inviting? Mark Sanford to Maria if Jenny had any love left over after caring for all those boys? Perhaps so, and surely the reasons for marital infidelity run down a two-way street. But just think of the world we would be living in if these couples had had a more fulfilling love life. What We Learn From Gov. Sanford's Love E-mails

Surely it’s possible. Just look at the way Barack gazes at Michelle. That couple makes time for each other. They have date nights. They hold hands in public. They make an effort. And you know what? The country is better run for it. 4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas

All politicians, male and female alike, need and deserve the comfort and release that a regular sexual relationship provides. Without it, well you see what we get. Why Powerful Men Cheat

But until the American people learn to accept sexual arrangements for their elected representatives outside the confines of a traditional marriage the onus is on their spouses.

So fellows, take your wife out on the town. And ladies, please put on that little black dress. And this Saturday, make your country proud.