Best of YourTango - Summer Edition

women having picnic
Heartbreak, Self

From Michael Jackson to texting, YourTango truly had it all this week.

Welcome summer!

Yes, we realize summer technically started also two weeks ago, but really isn't the 4th of July the real start of summer?

YourTango this week was busy helping you with technology to marriage to death and everything in between. But in case you were too busy planning that Independence Day picnic, here's this week's best from YourTango.

Feature: 7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You
Quick and simple ways to tell if he's really into you.

Feature: Perfection Undone: The Day My Husband Died
Grab the tissues before reading this one.

Video: Single And Don't Want to Be? Watch This.
More dating advice couresty of Still Life Love Advice.

Community Blog: 10 Rules For Texting And Dating
OMG, like, y didn't ne1 think of these b4?

Love Buzz: 10 YourTango Users Who Rock
YourTango wouldn't be the same without these users. 

Tomfoolery: The Mark Sanford Rundown
Tom runs down the list of the governor's missteps.

Celeb Love: Michael Jackson Is Not The Biological Father
Still not buried, but things are being unearthed concerning the King of Pop's kin.