Michael Jackson's Secret Lover

Michael Jackson secret lover

Michael Jackson's secret girlfriend was 'someone special' and he wasn't gay, says his bodyguard.

We've cracked yet another exciting development in the intense saga of Michael Jackson's death. According to Fox News his UK bodyguard has spoken out in a European interview, telling the public that Michael absolutely was not gay, as some rumors are suggesting. "He certainly liked females and made remarks about the females he was attracted to...[These gay rumors] come out of the way his image is portrayed," he said.

In fact, he continued, Michael had a secret "female companion." The bodyguard wouldn't disclose the woman's name, but he did say that she served a number of capacities in his life (work/romance, we're thinking). The relationship had been longstanding, he said, and Michael "loved and adored" her. He said like any couple they had their ups and downs, but Michael "found happiness" in the relationship—the woman was even close with the three Jackson children, Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Michael ("Blanket"), 7. Michael Jackson's Lovelife: A Timeline

It sounds like the romance was common knowledge among the Jacksons. "I think the family were aware that there was someone special in his life," the bodyguard said. He felt it was their place to comment on the subject, or, "If she ever wants to speak out, it's up to her." He said he wants the public to remember him for his music and talent.

It goes to show that man cannot survive on Bubbles the chimp alone. Finally, there's romantic justice for the beloved Michael who penned so many of the songs on our "Sexy" playlist. Michael Jackson's Greatest Love Songs