10 YourTango Users Who Rock

holly williams cd giveaway

Holly Williams' new album "Here With Me" goes to ten lucky YourTango users.

Without our community, YourTango would be as fun as a game of ping pong with a broken paddle and a crushed ball. In other words, our users are invaluable contributors to the site, and it's about time we rewarded a handful of them.

Thanks to Mercury Nashville/Universal Music Group for supplying copies of Holly Williams' new CD Here With Me for ten YourTango users. Whether writing compelling Community Blog posts, offering thoughtful questions and answers in AskYourTango or crafting clever comments, these users—much like Williams' vocals—rock. Williams is the daughter of country star Hank Williams, Jr. and granddaughter of country legend, Hank Williams. It's no surprise then that the folk-loving, fashionista with blond locks and miles-long legs can also sing.

Read on to find out more about the 10 lucky users and click here to hear and purchase Here With Me.

1. Johanna Lyman

Johanna is a spiritual love coach who freely shares her insight and wisdom. She loves to give advice and we love to receive it. From broken marriages, to dating, Johanna shares her heart and soul with this community and for that, Johanna, we thank you!

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2. Monica Freedman

Monica is unabashedly in love with her boyfriend. He is 15 years younger, but for Monica the age isn't the issue. Her honestly about the ups and downs of relationships and all things intimate have helped many users on this site and kept us talking

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3. Benbree

Ben is married and loves his wife, which is so refreshing! Yet, he isn't afraid to weigh in on the more gritty aspects of marriage and reach out to those in need of some well grounded advice or even seek some for himself. Ben is every where on this site: blogs, the Ask YourTango Forum, and the comments and we appreciate his prolific comments and grounded sense of self.

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4. AZAngel99

AZ has worked as a professional relationship advisor, but this professional isn't above learning a few things herself, which in our mind makes her one of our best advice givers on the site. Through her blogs, comments, questions and advice, we learn and grow with AZ as she untangles her own relationship and helps others do the same.

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5. LAWestphal

This lady is our resident life-saver. In a committed long-term, open relationship, LA is not afraid of sharing her tips and tricks for getting your threesome on. More than once she's helped users navigate those tricky sexual situations and we've all benefited from her input. Also, LA is open about her open relationship and her honesty helps us all, single, married, complicated, polyamorous or monogamous.

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