Michael Jackson's Will: Mom Katherine Gets Kids

Michael Jackson's Will: Mom Katherine Gets Kids

Michael Jackson's will stated explicitly: My mother gets custody of my children.

It appears there's finally a conclusion in the debate over the future of Michael Jackson's children. According to Access Hollywood, the reading of his will revealed on Tuesday that Michael left custody of his three kids, Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Michael Joseph Jackson II (better known as "Blanket") to his mother Katherine Jackson.

The will was written in July 2002, exactly five months after Blanket was born to an anonymous surrogate mother in Europe. It goes on to state that all of Michael's financial assets are to be placed in the Jackson family trust, which may put to rest heated speculation over the custody battle that was expected to ensue between Prince and Paris's biological mom Debbie Rowe and the surviving Jacksons. (If Debbie would have had the right to seek custody, it's said she'd have received a massive amount of money from Michael's estate.) Debbie said last weekend that she had "no idea" whether she'd pursue custody as she has zero relationship with Prince and Paris. The Jackson family has stated that if she wants to be part of the children's lives, they won't stand in her way.

We imagine Dad's decision is sitting well with the kids, as last week they were reported to have said that Grandma was their first choice for caretaking duty in Michael's absence. Rumors are already starting to orbit regarding who else might step in to care for the three mini-Jacksons if anything happens to 79-year-old Katherine. (Michael's close friend Diana Ross, 65, has been named as a potential guardian).

The will is scheduled for official filing today.