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John Edwards Sex Tape. Plus, Love Child Is His!

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John Edwards has a sex tape with Rielle Hunter, and he's the baby daddy, not Andrew Young.

Remember the rumors about John Edwards' love child with mistress Rielle Hunter? Those reports were quashed when Edwards' former aide Andrew Young said that the baby was actually his. Well, turns out Young lied—Edwards is the actual father, according to Young, but the aide agreed to take the fall and even move in with Hunter because he so believed in John Edwards.

And it gets better (or worse, depending on your perspective…): there's a John Edwards sex tape floating around somewhere!

All this comes via the Daily News, who have a source who has read Andrew Young's book proposal, which includes all the details.

Apparently Edwards and Hunter talked about getting married if Elizabeth Edwards, the former presidential candidates cancer-stricken wife, were to die. Why Powerful Men Cheat

No word on when Young's book might come out, but it's sure to be juicy. One editor said the proposal "was impossible to put down."

The real question, though, is will we ever get to see John Edwards… gulp… having sex? And do we want to?


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