Grand Opening, Grand Closing: A 1-Day Marriage

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After wedding night fight, a Polish couple gets an annulment.

No one ever said marriage (or even a wedding) was easy. It takes lots of hard work and, per Patty Smyth, "sometimes love just ain't enough.” So, you're here and you may as well give it your best shot but when it's over the best thing to do is be realistic and cut your losses.

Sometimes, a marriage lasts less than one day before everyone realizes that it's just not working. Per our buddies over at Lemondrop, that very thing happened to a Polish couple living in Germany (please imagine that I made a Polack joke so we can get right past it). Everything was grooving right along until the bridegroom chased the bride with a knife in an effort to cut her hair. The fuzz showed up and did their best to diffuse the situation (please make your own joke about overzealous German police so we can get right past it). (PS: Click on the Lemondrop link to see where the bridegroom spent his wedding night.)

Ultimately, the couple's marriage was annulled which is a double-edged haircut knife. It's great that these two aren't together (for safety's sake) but that means some other poor lady (either a Pole, a German or some third, heretofore unmentioned nationality) may end up dating Sweeney Toddwalski*.

Is there a lesson here? Maybe, maybe not. I do know that if there was heavy wagering on "how long will they make it?" Vegas would be reluctant to pay out anyone who had "less than one day."Read: Newlywed Cheating And The Uncertainty Principle

Any stories out there about incredibly short (yeah, even shorter) marriages? And let's not go with that urban legend about the guy who presented evidence of his wife's infidelity to 300 guests during their reception. Snopes says that shish didn't happen.

*Note: His name is probably not Sweeney Toddwalski.


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