Vanessa Minnillo Already Moved On From Nick Lachey

nick lachey and vanessa minnillo
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The former MTV VJ was spotted necking with Topher Grace this weekend.

Well, they'll always have the Cheesecake Factory. If you haven't been living under a rock, you know that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have split. The couple met on a video shoot for Nick Lachey's magnum opus "What's Left Of Me." Vanessa Minnillo played the part of Jessica Simpson, Lachey's ex-wife, in the video. While the song wasn't a "Cry Me A River"-esque slam it did make a point.

While neither Nick Lachey nor Vanessa Minnillo are talking much about the breakup (fine, it's their prerogative), theories about why they split abound. Word on the street has it that Vanessa was a bit too into her career for Nick's tastes. According to Celebslam, Nick Lachey was the one to break it off with Vanessa and part of the reasoning was that she was too concerned with material things. Not to make too much of things said out of context but Vanessa did tell a People interviewer that she expected a 10-carat engagement ring at some point from the former 98 Degrees singer (for the record, one should keep in mind all 4 Cs when purchasing a diamond). Years ago, it was rumored that Vanessa tried to get Nick's consent to do a reality show a la his show Newlyweds. But good old Nick was once-bitten, twice-shy on that front.

Perhaps the rumors from the last few months about the decline of their relationship gave Vanessa plenty of time to get over it. Because she has not been wasting time as a singleton. According to RadarOnline, the former MTV VJ was spotted making out with Topher Grace at a party at Seth McFarlane's house. Evidently, their dancing turned into close dancing, which in turn became neck kissing, which, as it's wont to do, became mouth / face kissing. We sort of knew Topher Grace had it in him. We wonder if Vanessa Minnillo had it in her? Thank you! We'll be here all week the nine o'clock show is completely different than the six PM show.

Maybe Nick Lachey will be able to find someone soon too. If he keeps dating women less famous (by the same degree) than his previous, he'll likely be dating a Tacoma-area weather girl one of these days. 

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