What 'The Closer' Teaches Us About Relationships

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedwick masterfully closes cases while teaching us a little about love.

While The Closer might be a police procedural at its core, it doesn't mean the show doesn't have a lot of heart. Much of that can be attributed to its leading lady, Kyra Sedgwick, who dons a borderline-irritating-yet-cute Georgia accent to play Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. The Closer is airing its fifth season this summer, and Johnson, an expert at drawing confessions out of killers, is married for the first time. Her husband on the show is FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (played by Jon Tenney) whom she has been dating since the show's first season. Despite only minutes of each episode devoted to her personal life, we have been able to learn much about love from the stubborn Chief Johnson.

1. Be wary of dating at work. In season one of The Closer, Johnson's boss and old friend Assistant Police Chief Will Pope (played by J.K. Simmons), makes advances toward her in hopes of rekindling a past affair. As she connects with future-husband, Fritz (or Fritz-y as she calls him), the tension from having to turn Pope down proved to be worse than awkward. Always be careful of dating at the office, especially your boss. Watch: Office Dating Rules You May Not Know

2. It's a bonus if your boyfriend helps your career. This doesn't mean to choose a man only to advance your career, but Chief Johnson has received the help of the FBI on several occasions because of who she's sleeping with.

3. Juggling both a relationship and career is tough. Johnson is a lady in love with her job first, and is often called away to track down murderers. If you are a woman with a demanding career, then it's best to date someone who understands what these demands entail. Fritz is in a the same field, and though exasperating, he understands when his woman has to leave.

4. Don't move too fast. Johnson, though she loved Fritz, was always afraid of moving too fast because of her personal fears. She was patient and took her time getting to the point of marriage.

5. Don't move too slow. Though she ended up keeping him, Johnson almost lost Fritz a few times for being unwilling to making a commitment. Each step (moving in, getting engaged, marriage) required constant pressure, and Johnson ultimately gave in to her feelings, just in time.

6. Planning a wedding may make you want to kill your family. Johnson's parents became a mainstay on the show, about the time she got engaged, and the down-home couple was quite a handful. As was Fritz' sister (played by Amy Sedaris). It's most important to please your partner, even when family is making a lot of demands. Watch: How To Include Him In The Wedding Planning

So far this season, Johnson's emotions have been saved for her sickly cat, Kitty, and her marriage to Fritz appears stable. But we know this can't last forever, so by the end of season five, Johnson is sure to make another mistake that will show us all another relationship not-to-do.

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