A-List Links: Magazine Says Kate Hudson Ruins Men

Kate Hudson

In Touch runs down Kate Hudson's exes and the Gosselin's divorce on the verge of nastiness.

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Is it really Kate Hudson's fault? Or is In Touch reading too much into things? [Celebitchy]

In Touch runs down her past relationships with Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson and Chris Robinson, as well as her current relationship with Alex Rodriguez. The point? Kate exhausts whichever guy she’s dating, and she basically destroys their souls. Plus, whenever she and a guy break up or maybe just get together, something really horrible happens. Oh my God, she’s a witch! Burn her, In Touch Weekly!

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Kate Gosselin is holding off asking for custody of the kids. [Star]

Jon Gosselin plans to air his side of divorce in new, tell-all book. [Celebitchy]

Someone's getting around: Kid Rock is dating Kellie Pickler. [Hollywood Rag]