Love Bytes: Fantasies For Moms

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Moms like Twilight while love comes from an ad with a couple clicks.

Love Bytes: Three must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Robert Pattinson is what mothers' fantasies are made of. [Huffington Post]

I am shocked by this and a little disturbed by this inconsistency in my feminist politics and here's why: These books portray the archetypal barely-civilized man lusting, actually hungering, for a frail and naïve woman. She loves him because he's physically superior—tall, broad-shouldered, the whole Greek god thing, he knows her in a deep way that the rest of the superficial world has overlooked, and best of all, he can beat up anybody who messes with her.

Love in a couple clicks. But once you click, you can't stop. [Buzz Feed]

Sexual timing: When is a bad time to have sex? [College Candy]