Farrah And Ryan Unable To Marry Before Her Death

Buzz, Heartbreak

Actress passed at Santa Monica hospital Thursday morning.

Although Ryan O'Neal told Barbara Walters he and longtime partner Farrah Fawcett were planning to marry as soon as possible, the pair was unable to exchange vows before Farrah died of cancer yesterday morning at the age of 62. O'Neal, Farrah's friend Alana Stewart, and her doctor were in the room when she passed, according to Us Weekly. The interview with Walters aired last night on ABC.

Farrah's passing after a three-year battle with cancer was overshadowed by the sudden death later in the day of Michael Jackson, but for a few hours, the media as well as her family and friends focused on Farrah. O'Neal was photographed leaving Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica and said simply, "She's gone." Their son, Redmond, is still serving a prison sentence for violating his probation on drug-related charges, and was not with his mother when she passed. He was allowed a three-hour furlough in April to say goodbye. Looking Back at Farrah and Ryan's Love Story 

"I know this, that in the last two years I loved her more than I've ever loved her—ever," Ryan O'Neal said to Meredith Vieira last month. "She's so much more of a woman ... powerful, courageous, fearless and all those adjectives. And I look at her with awe."

Ryan's daughter, Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal, had clashed with Farrah early in their relationship, blaming her for driving a wedge between Tatum and her father when Farrah moved in with Ryan during Tatum's teenage years. But the two women reconciled last fall, and yesterday Tatum remembered her stepmother in an emotional statement. "I am truly heartbroken of Farrah's passing," Tatum said. "She was an inspiration to all women; an icon in her own right. She brought so much joy to millions and there are no words as to how much she will be missed."

Via Us Weekly. Photo courtesy of Splash News.