Top 4 Rainy Day Dates for Couples

couple in rain

Date ideas that romance even in the pelting rain.

Rainy periods can seem neverending. When the pelting rain continues on into the weekend, it can be a nice excuse to laze around and stick indoors. But be sure not to shun the one you love. Instead make the most of the misty, romantic rainy days and cozy up to your date with one of these top four rainy-day date ideas.

1. Hit the Aquarium. The theme, obviously, is water. Get out your brightest rain gear, including boots, and plan to get a little wet as you head to watch the underwater animals at play. Be sure that the umbrella you tote is a little too small to cover both of you, all the better for cuddling up under it.

2. Reel him in. Agree to each pick out your top two favorite flicks and watch them together at one of your places. You'll get to know about each other by seeing which movies are selected as favorites and finding out why.

3. Tea tasting. There are more than 50 varieties of healthful green tea. Head to your local Chinatown area to pick up some fun, mismatched tea cups and tea kettles. Then stock up on bags of fresh tea leaves in a slew of different flavors. Get some floor pillows and open your windows wide so you'll have the sound of raindrops in the background. Sip tea and see which variety each of you likes best.

4. Get a map of your town and plot a walking tour of bookstores, coffee shops and other points of interest. Take a walking tour in the rain, with frequent stops into these spots to eat desserts and flip through books and magazines.