Check Out The Crazy Cat Lady Documentary

Buzz, Self

The biggest single woman punchline gets its own documentary.

We've always mused (half) jokingly about one day becoming crazy old cat women. We (half) jokingly fantasize about settling into middle-aged, single life with an army of whiskers that don't judge or dump us. Single Women Are Better Texters

It's comforting.

And then we stumbled upon a clip from Cat Lady, a horrific documentary about (cough, cough, our future, cough) lonely women with cats who swarm their homes like locusts. Seriously. Kitties jumping out of drawers, peaking out of crevices, filling up entire counters in the kitchen—it reminded us of when we had a cockroach problem. One woman had 123. 123?!

The documentary profiles four women and delves into a mini-psychoanalysis of what makes them tick. One of the women admits to being very lonely. Another is in denial about being a cat lady (she only as 16 cats, which she doesn't think is too bad), while a third thinks it's the rest of the world that's crazy, not her. She finds the whole stereotype "amusing."

All ladies at least cop to an overly nurturing nature that isn't quenched in any other area of their lives. Needless to say, none have children or significant others, but all have an overwhelming desire to take care of something.

We think the authorities probably get involved at some point. The camera ominously pans to a police officer of some sort who says a "cat hoarder and cat rescuer are one in the same."


Click here to see the clip.