Gisele Gushes About Pregnancy, Family

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Supermodel is still threatening to steal Bridget Moynahan's baby.

Gisele Bündchen gave an interview to a Brazilian TV program this week in which she talked about the baby she's expecting with her husband, Patriots QB Tom Brady, saying, "I am crazy about children," and "Because of this relationship, what is most important to me is the family. Now I am creating my other family."

Of course, we're excited about this surely ravishing spawn like we've been about no other celebrity fetus since, well, Shiloh. Or Suri. Or that gorgeous creature Halle Berry and her man produced. Whatever. But with every interview she gives, Gisele just keeps digging herself deeper into the muck with Tom's ex, Bridget Moynahan, the mother of his almost two-year-old son, John. She told Vanity Fair this spring that she felt John was "100 percent" her son, even though she didn't give birth to him, which understandably incensed Bridget, and now, in the Brazilian interview, Gisele referred to herself as an "adoptive mother." Which, well, she is not. Unless the Brädchens are hiding an adorable urchin from São Paolo in that cozy West Village townhouse of theirs.

We are choosing to believe this is a simple matter of a bad translation. To take an example from the Romance language your correspondent actually speaks, the French words for "stepmother" and "mother-in-law" are the same ("belle-mère"), so it's conceivable (ha!) that the Portuguese words for "stepmother" and "adoptive mother" could be quite similar. And that is what we will swear Gisele meant. (Note: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may not use the same "bad translation" excuse.) Because she doesn't seem like such a witch that she'd actually try to snatch that adorable fat baby out of his mother's arms…right? Discuss: Is your partner's ex getting in the way of your relationship?

The baby's daddy has been keeping his head down at his day job while all this has been going on, preparing for his return to Gillette Stadium in September after a year recovering from a knee injury. Brady was named the NFL MVP of the decade today by and hopefully has a few more good years in him before retirement, since his wife told that interviewer that she's going to be staying at home with the munchkin in a few months. "I prefer to stay at home. The big husband wins," she said, and again, we'd like to flay the translator alive for falling down on the job. "I want to stay at home, cooking, relaxing." Luckily, the Brädchens appear to have a few shekels in the bank, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.