Jon & Kate: Kids Off Show, Jon's Mistress On?

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Jon & Kate's eight could leave show if court deems it best; plus, Jon's lawyer is a shark.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 battle thickens as legal experts weigh in on what could come of the kids' future. According to one lawyer near the Pennsylvania town where Kate filed for divorce, what's "in the best interest of these children" will be the court's priority when ruling on custody and deciding whether the children can continue to participate in the show. She said it's possible that child advocates will get involved as many experts feel the children's well-being has been on the back burner since the show started.  Staying Together For the Kids

Meanwhile, Kate revealed in a recent People interview that Jon was the one who wanted a divorce "for a long time...he hired a lawyer and said, 'You better get one.'" He chose the high-powered celebrity lawyer Charles J. Meyer in Philadelphia, while Kate went for the local attorney Cheryl L. Young, whose colleagues describe her as "logical" and "really, really solid." reports that Kate will get to present her side first, which could fare favorably for her case.

Where does TLC stand? They're hurting. TLC president Eileen O'Neill said, "It's hard to walk away from a big [ratings] number," like the record 10.6 million viewers they've been getting, but they've decided with the Gosselins that airing any more dirty laundry could be destructive—not that the drama stops here. When the new season begins on August 3, latest reports suggest that Jon's 23-year-old mistress could play a part.  One insider told the New York Daily News, "Because she's part of Jon's life, she'll be filmed." But in ET Online a TLC spokesperson countered, "There are no plans to use her."Diary Of A 23-Year-Old Mistress