Comment of the Day 6/25


In an episode of "30 Rock", Liz Lemon becomes a unexpected relationships expert when she coins the phrase, "That's a deal breaker, ladies!" She goes on a talk show and gives such nuggets of advice as: "Long distance is wrong distance" and "Nope, your fiance's gay. Look at him. Pure case of fruit blindness." In response to "7 Relationship Deal Breakers", Shana Moonmist tells us her own deal breaker: 

"IN MY OPPINION!" If a guy is to pushy or to demanding of my time I get turned off right away! In today's rushing world it is unrealistic to assume that a women has all the time in the world to talk on the phone and sooth a man's worries and ego. For me, if a man is that insecure about things its time for some conseling before involving himself with another women who he needs to control. I want my guy to display confidance and realize that the women's world does not have to revolve around him 24-7!! I don't know maybe this a territorial thing and I don't understand it? But still guys get a grip! Everyones been hurt before...but that is no reason to be constantly checking up on your new flame or assuming she's up to something!

Now, that's a deal breaker!