It Takes Two To Tango


     I was surfing the internet when one topic caught my attention in this site. Out of curiosity, I opened other subjects and find those interesting to read. I am not an internet savvy but I love to write my thoughts and ideas about a lot of things like life, love, travel, money, etc. I do not even have any idea that such site exists and  that I can be a member and just write what I think
    Blogging is such a good way of sharing to people what we think about so many things in life. I believe that every person has their story. Every individual has their own unique ideas to share with others. By knowing what other people think we learn to have a deeper understanding not only of other people but much more of ourselves.
    I am hoping that when I impart my knowledge in this site it can help give different insights to many different people. I am really looking forward to doing it!