Rachel Hunter Dumped (Almost) At The Altar


Hockey-playing boytoy makes a run for it.

Model and Rod Stewart ex Rachel Hunter discovered that her engagement to hockey player Jarret Stoll was over the same way her wedding guests did—via e-mail. Man, that's … cold.

Jarret and Rachel, who have been together since 2006, were set to say "I do" on August 14, but Tuesday he sent a mass e-mail to guests, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone, and the bride, announcing the cancellation of the nuptials. Rachel "is absolutely devastated," a friend told the Daily Mail. "Everything was in place for their wedding—she had the venue, the designer dress, the guest list. She has absolutely no idea why Jarret has done this."

Rachel's friend goes on to speculate that Stoll's abrupt change of heart may have been because of the 12-year age difference between him and Rachel. He's 27, while Rachel is 39 and has two kids, including a son whom Jarret used to coach on the ice. Poll: Do You Have To Be Divorced To Be A Cougar?

Rachel is seeking comfort from her ex-husband, Rod, whom she married in 1990 when she was 21 and separated from nine years later. "Rod has been amazing through all of this—a real support," Rachel's gabby pal told the Daily Mail.

Jarret wasn't Rachel's first hockey-playing beau; she briefly dated Vogue intern and New York Rangers loudmouth Sean Avery; as well as musicians Tommy Lee, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams, and Kip Winger; and actors Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner. We are exhausted just typing that, but, you know, way to make the most of the '90s, Rach.

She made a career comeback after several years out of the public eye when she starred in the music video for Fountains of Wayne's ode to the seasoned lady, "Stacy's Mom," and later posed for Playboy for a reported $1.8 million. Stoll, on the other hand, has a plus-minus of -7 and his team, the Los Angeles Kings, lost 37 games this year and failed to make the playoffs. Our verdict? Big mistake, dude. Huge.

Via The Daily Mail. Photo courtesy of Splash News.