Ellen & Portia: No Kids For Us—Pets Are Best

ellen and portia no kids

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi say kids are "too big a responsibility."

While Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi explored the idea of having babies together, Ellen said in a recent interview that they very are content being dog moms, according to AOL Television via Starpulse.

This is the firmest not-the-mama stance the couple has taken since their wedding last August, since which their names have floated around the Hollywood baby rumor mill. "We have animals, and we love them," Ellen, 51, said. "We definitely thought about [having kids]... but it's just a huge responsibility, and I don't know that that's something we want to take on. We're very happily married without children." Why Having Children May Wreck A Marriage

Last February tabloids reported that the pair were considering in-vitro fertilization, but in March Portia, 36, denied those claims in an LA Times interview saying, "How [the rumor] started, I really have no idea."  She added, "It isn't really something that's on the immediate horizon for us."  She added a positive spin, however, saying that the couple is proud to represent the gay married community, and that they're gratified to receive attention in the same manner "that any heterosexual couple would get in the public eye." 

And while Ellen has half-joked that animals are their preferred creatures to raise—"They don't talk back, and they don't explore their vocal chords out in public"—they're reportedly very excited to play aunts to the month-old daughter of Portia's brother.  Ellen said, "It's fun to be part of that."