Choosing Wedding Weather And Other Bridal News

Choosing Wedding Weather And Other Bridal News
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Cave weddings nixed in PA, ensuring rain-free days, gown rentals and the zero gravity wedding.

Brides are renting wedding gowns, long-range weather predictions are helping avoid foul weather weddings, people are marrying in outer space, and Pennsylvania is saying no to cave wedding receptions.

With the recession still causing layoffs every day, brides are looking for any way to save, even if it means renting a wedding dress. A store near Denver is offering the perfect dress for any bride—for a couple of hours. Dresses start at $129 and run up to $1,000, which doesn't seem that inexpensive to us. MyFox Atlanta reports the boutique located in Westminster, Colorado, also offers dresses for the bridesmaids. And ex-brides are able to sell their old wedding dresses to the store for future brides to wear. This is one way to eco-friendly your wedding, too.

Back on the east coast, the owners of Lost River Caverns, a cave in eastern Pennsylvania, have decided to stop holding wedding ceremonies due to "financial, logistical, and ecological concerns." Weddings have been held at the cavern for 60 years, with more than 100 couples tying the knot in the cave. Apparently, the owners are afraid the candles might ruin the rock formations.

But not to worry non-traditional wedding mongers, a new venue for weddings seems to be opening up via the Kennedy Space Center.Read: 6 Never-Been-Done Destination Weddings

One Brooklyn couple, Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan, recently married while jetting off towards outer space. A 727 company, Zero Gravity Corporation, launched the couple's zero gravity chariot from the Kennedy Space Center in a 90-minute ceremony of wedded bliss. According to, the plane dropped 36,000 feet to 24,000 feet to simulate zero gravity. Despite this stomach turning feat, Fulmor told the New York Daily News, "It was everything I think we were hoping for."

Though this weightless wedding appears extravagant, the couple claims it cost a mere $60,000. As an added bonus, the bride was able to get away with wearing pants on her wedding day (underneath her appropriately beautiful white wedding dress of course). Read: The Real Cost Of Theme Weddings

And, finally, weather remains the one factor we can't control on our wedding days (well, besides runaway brides and grooms). That might be about to change, thanks to long-range weather forecasting, ABC News reports. We can't yet stop the rain, but we might be able to pinpoint a sunny day a year ahead of time!