Robin Wright Penn: "I'm Happy And Angry"

robin wright penn interview

New Robin Wright Penn interview reveals that Sean's latest divorce filing may have been a surprise.

In a recent interview with Psychologies Magazine in the UK, a seemingly blindsided Robin Wright Penn reported sharing "contentment," "confidence," and a happy family life with now-estranged husband Sean. The interview took place three weeks before Sean's filing divorce papers for the second time in 16 months, officially ranking their rare 20-year relationship in the usually inevitable on-and-off cohort of celebrity marriages. How To Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

In the interview Robin contended that she and Sean have worked hard to find ways to rise above typical "cycles and stages" that all marriages go through, and that they have complemented each other perfectly. Sean has acted as the limelight mover-and-shaker, while she's been more in favor of privacy but has always supported his, er, charisma. She stated that they shared equal marital commitment and responsibilities for parenting—she is the traditional domestic mother-bear type, while he's the quintessential all-frontier dad who loves taking adventurous excursions with their sons Dylan, 18, and Hopper, 16. "We just kind of travel together, next to one another," she said. "We give each other respect and space…we balance each other out."

The Q&A reads like tales of a happy housewife and leaves us wondering how reports of their marriage have been so hot and cold over the last two decades, and especially the last few months. "Sean and I have a long history," she said, "but we have a strong foundation of love." Sean's surprise D-Day papers make us want to tell her the same thing Forrest did: Run, Jenny. Run.