Jennifer Aniston Sends Perfumed Note To Mayer

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer possibly reconciling, sources say.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer can't seem to make a clean break—almost like a real life embodiment of the Ross and Rachel scenario.  Read: 5 Tips to Move On From a Painful Breakup

The National Ledger reports that the rocky couple has been slowly but surely orbiting towards each other again, with Jen making first contact this week with a perfumed note. 

"Jen sent John a hand-delivered, perfumed note before one of his concerts this week," a source from John's camp said, "It read: 'Play well, you always do.' It was sweet—she clearly doesn't want to let go completely."

It looks as if the feeling is mutual. John has reportedly been longing for the 41-year-old actress as well.

"John hasn't shown any interest in other women since the split, which is a break from his usual pattern," another friend of the singer said, "Who knows, this may not be the end of their romance. Neither seems very good at letting go!"

One thing is for sure, the Friends star is up to her eyeballs in men and rumors lately. Since she broke up with John earlier this year, she's apparently re-connected with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and casually dating another Brad, The Hangover's Bradley Cooper. 

Scoop courtesy The National Ledger. Photo courtesy Splash News