An Unexpected, "Up"-lifting Love Story

Buzz, Love

An animated movie brings us to tears. Who would have guessed?

We admit it. We were less than enthused when a friend nudged us to go and check out a movie with her last weekend. When she suggested the new Disney Pixar film, Up, we went along begrudgingly, expecting a kiddie flick about bubble gum or monsters or lollipops.

Oh, boy. Were we in for a surprise. While the theater was teeming with giggly teens and younger children with their parents, this movie explored some very adult themes, chief among them, love and marriage. The animated film features a 78-year-old balloon salesman who creates an adorable life with his wife, his childhood sweetheart.

The two have a warm home and predictable life and somehow forget about the adventures they dreamed of when they were children. They are unable to have children or take the dream trip they imagined as adventurous youths. But what they did have instead was an adventure of their own, in a happy, loving life.Read: 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

OK, we know this is a cartoon and the characters are not real. But you know what? We were passing tissues back and forth during at least three scenes in the movie. The movie explores growing old with the one you love, changing expectations and ultimately how to let go and say good-bye. Yes, all of this spells touching (even if it's animated). Grab your guy and head to your local theater to check this film out together. You can preview the trailer here. Don't forget your tissues: The "Adventure Book" scene is sure to melt even the most hardened, weathered hearts.