Gisele Bundchen Expecting Tom Brady's Spawn

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Celebrity gossip world, desperate for next Shiloh, overlooks all of couple's flaws.

Let's hope, for Gisele Bundchen's sake, that Tom Brady is not a man who nurtures certain relationship patterns. Because if he is, the Brazilian supermodel might very well be finding herself single in the near future.

Brady, who famously left his pregnant girlfriend Bridget Moynahan to be with Bundchen two and a half years ago, is an expectant father once again. According to People magazine, Bundchen is due to deliver his second child (and her first) early next year. My Wife Was Fertile—I Wasn't

So far, it looks like Bundchen is safe. Rumors began circulating several weeks ago that she was knocked up, yet no subsequent rumors about divorce papers or affair on Brady's part have emerged.

In fact, the gossip world seems more in love with these two than ever. Several celebrity sites have taken the baby news as a chance to remind us that Brady and Bundchen tied the knot in - not one - but two lavish weddings. At the same time, they have overtly NOT reminded us about how their relationship began, or about how Bundchen infuriated Moynahan's camp earlier this year when she told Vanity Fair that baby John (Moynahan's son with Brady) was "100 percent" her own. Adoption Or IVF: Do We Have To Decide?

We wish Bundchen the best with her pregnancy. As Moynahan and millions of other women can attest to, it's hard work gestating a baby. And we wish Brady the best with staying loyal to his woman in the coming months. As Moynahan and millions of other women can attest to, this isn't something that all men are willing to do.

Scoop courtesy of People.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.