Homosexual Couplings Popular In The Animal Kingdom


We aren't the only species enjoying some same-sex loving.

While we've known for eons that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom—we had a lot of fun with the gay penguin couple, Roy and Silo—new research suggests same-sex loving may actually be beneficial to the species. 

As reported in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, same-sex romances (if you will) have "evolutionary consequences" that may very well alter the species' structure. Gay, Straight and "Stray"

The journal sites several animal species with strong undercurrents of homosexuality. For example, the Hawaiian Laysan albatross bird community is grossly overwrought with males, leaving many single mothers. In response, a whopping one-third of the mamma bird population finds other ladies to help raise their chicks. These grrrl birds, the study says, actually do a better job of raising their babes than the "straight" albatrosses who attempt to do it alone.

They also talk about the homosexual leanings of bottlenose dolphins. Not too unlike those homoerotic junior high school tales we hear of, researchers now think male bottlenose dolphins having sex with each other is actually good practice for later on when they finally do it with girl dolphins.

That is, assuming these dolphins want to have sex with females. The study notes more research will have to confirm whether or not these homosexual acts/pairings are genetic or because of other factors.

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