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A-List Links: Trying Again And Apartment Hunting

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Jennifer Aniston is spotted with Bradley Cooper, while Jon Gosselin might be apartment hunting.

Celebrity stories to juicy to miss. Here's what else went down today in celeb-love-land.

Jennifer Aniston tries again with Bradley Cooper. This is her first date since John Mayer. [Celebitchy]

The rumors about Jennifer and Bradley started back in May, when Page Six reported that the two He’s Just Not That Into You co-stars were spotted laughing, talking and flirting at a premiere. The rumors percolated for a few days before Bradley denied they were dating, saying that he’d only met Jennifer something like "three times."

Jon Gosselin looks for bachelor pad—in New York City. [CelebrityGossip]

Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford warns hubby on leaving the country. [TMZ]


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