Love Bytes: Hooters Girls, Personal Ads And Monica

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Personal ads from yesteryear, what not to say to Hooters girls and what Monica Lewinsky can teach us

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It's important to know what not to say to a Hooters girl. [Asylum]

"If a woman with large breasts works at Hooters, then where does a woman with one leg work? IHOP!"
Cue forced laughter and feigned amusement. Do you realize that I am told this joke at least once a week? And that it is entirely unfunny?

Holy Matrimony! Love and realtionships as seen through 19th Century personals. [TresSugar]

6 reason to forgive yourself—like Monica Lewinsky. [Huffington Post]

Not an easy choice. Everything you need to understand abortions. [College Candy]