life's phylosophy- my view

life's phylosophy- my view

this are a few poems from my favorite writer Javan.
I'm an idea
conceived in the mind of the universe
and interpreted in the minds  
of the individuals i meet.

Within myself I am costant
yet, I am as ever changing 
as the people who interpret me.

I can control my actions
but i cannot control their thoughts
therefore, I must do what i think is right
and let others... think what they will.
There is no one who can hurt me
like myself.
for i can take a simple statement
and twist it around in my mind
till my body trembles with pain
and i wonder how anyone  
could be so cruel to say such a thing.

yes, given enough time
my imagination can make
a proverbial mountain out out of a molehill.
No one can determine who i am
but myself.
My parents can not,
My teachers can not,
My friends can not.

They can guide me
but in the final analysis
the problem is completely mine
for i have the abilities
that are completely unique to me
and the challenge of life
is for me  
to discover them
to develope them
to use them.

For then and only then
will i know 
who i am.
I think i rather posses
eyes that know no sight
ears that know no sound
hand that know no touch
than a heart that knows no love.
Even if im hurting today
I'll look foward to tomorrow
for there's a vey thin line
between happiness and sorrow.
Fate determines  
who comes in our lives.
our attitudes and actions determine
who stays in our lives.