Miami Priest Marries Girlfriend

couple getting married holding hands
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Now that the ballyhoo's died down, Father "Oprah" chooses girlfriend over church.

We were keeping an eye on this story—curious to see how it would unfold. What was it going to be for Father Cutie? You remember him, the man forced to choose (in front of all of America) between earthly desire and heavenly calling. He's the dashing 40-year-old South Beach-based priest who was very publicly barred from his parish last month. The Miami archdiocese relieved Cutie of his priestly duties after he was spotted—and photographed—during an episode of seaside smooching with his 35-year-old girlfriend.

After the television cameras faded to black and the limelight went dim, Cutie and his lover quietly crept off to the altar to tie the knot and make their union official. On Tuesday, the displaced priest (who, because he has not been formally removed by the Vatican, is still technically a Catholic priest) married his girlfriend of two years, Ruhama Canellis, reports the Associated Press. It was not a priest but a judge who officiated over the Coral Gables ceremony. Few details were slipped to the press, and it is not known if the two who met in a church were actually married in one.Priests Dump Bride and Groom

With this bold move Cutie made his decision of woman over church known to the world. The Catholic church, that is. Since the saga was unleashed in the media last month, Cutie has presented a sermon to a group of followers of a different faith (Episcopalian). 

What's next for the two love birds whose passion survived scorn and scandal—a dog, "Cutie" kids, a minivan and white-picket fence? Will we soon be seeing the couple's faces cast on the next hit reality-TV show? Their story would make one fine telenovela. For the moment, Cutie can rest his head at night with greater peace and ease. He has made the agonizing decision. Now it is time to fully live the life that he has chosen.

Readers, what do you predict?